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Connecticut Magazine

Authentic German Cuisine Shines at Alpenhaus in New Milford

Real German food not only tastes different, it looks different, says Manuela Young.

To prove it, she asks the staff at The Alpenhaus Restaurant in New Milford, which she owns along with her husband Jeff Yenter, to bring out two types of chicken schnitzel: one pan fried the way it’s supposed to be made, the other dropped in a deep fryer and scorched in boiling oil the way some restaurants looking for culinary shortcuts do it.

Alpenhaus Tiny Bit of Bavaria With German-American Fare

Manuela Duërre Young wants diners to feel as if they enter a charming Bavarian town, leaving Connecticut behind them as they cross the threshold of Alpenhaus, 59 Bank St.

She told Voices, “For me, this is a tiny bit of home and I want to share that.”

News Times

Beef rindsrouladen, a variety of schnitzels, sauerbraten, and spaetzle are among the authentic offerings at a new German restaurant that opened its doors along Bank Street.

“When people come in I want them to feel they are in The Alps,” said Manuela Young, owner of The Alpenhaus, which opened earlier this month. “The smell of the food, the pictures on the wall: My goal is to have my patrons experience Germany with all six senses.”