manuela-jeff-square-e1399922050387Hallo, Hälsningar, Γειά σου, Bonjor, Hola, Ciao. In other words: Hi! My name is Manuela and I am a proud co-owner of The Alpenhaus Restaurant along with my wonderful husband, Jeff. About 22 years ago I decided I needed a change of scenery and came over from Germany as an au pair to work for one year taking care of a family’s two adorable children. I am now the mother of two boys myself, Tim and Justin, who are both off to college but work in the restaurant whenever they are home.

After being an au pair, I worked as a preschool teacher and as a first-grade German teacher at the German School of Connecticut in Stamford. I also worked as a dental assistant for five years. My dream, however, was always to have my own restaurant where people would come to enjoy a great meal and let the time stand still for a moment. Fourteen years later, my dream came true when I opened up Cafe Little Europa in Brookfield, CT. After five years I had to look for a bigger place…and here I am! I absolutely love being on Bank Street and adore the small shops and stores that remind me of Germany. I am grateful to be in a land of such endless opportunity and am excited to be at your service at The Alpenhaus Restaurant!

My menu consists of the most delicious homemade German foods and beverages prepared from authentic old-world recipes. You can preview them all on the menu page.

I am looking forward meeting you at The Alpenhaus, so please come stop by! Important updates and special events will be posted here on the web site, and also on our Facebook page.

Bis bald! See you soon!